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Data is the key to AI you can trust, and AI is the key to analytics you can scale.

AI Foundation

Prepare quality governed data for generative AI you can trust

Only 20% of enterprise organizations say their data fabric supports GenAI very/extremely well.

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2023 Generative AI Benchmark Report from Qlik® & ETR

Unlock the full potential of AI with a strong data foundation. Streamline processes, create AI-ready datasets, and optimize AI models through automated data integration, quality assurance, and transformation.

The increased data quality achieved with Qlik has improved business response times and created incredible trust in the data people are using. That trust is enabling us to confidently explore new use cases for real-time data with predictive analytics and AI, which will help us find even more value in our data.”
Henri Rufin, Head of Data and Analytics, Radiall

Two proven solutions, nearly limitless possibilities. The combined power of Qlik® and Talend® offer seven everyday data integration and quality use cases regardless of your company size, industry, or geography.

See how easy it is to set up real-time data analytic pipelines for leading cloud data platforms with Qlik Cloud Data Integration™

AI-Enhanced Solutions

Bring AI to BI for analytics that stay one step ahead

86% of organizations are planning to use generative AI to support data analysis, but only39%have a formalized AI strategy.

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2023 Generative AI Benchmark Report from Qlik & ETR

Promote data-driven decision making and accelerate insights with AI-powered analytics. Dynamic visualization creation, natural language generation readouts, and interactive, conversation-based experiences are available today in Qlik Cloud Analytics.

Here are 10 orders where you need a part in three days, but the lead time on that part is greater than 10 days. They also created a 360-degree supply chain control tower for their clients, enabling them to see real-time data for EDI, predictive analytics, order-to-shipment monitoring, eProcurement, and more.”

The Forrester Wave: Augmented Business Intelligence Platforms. AI-generated insights are only as good as the platform and engine delivering them.  Here's a neutral, third-party report that shows how Qlik stacks up against 13 other top providers in the market.

Qlik Cloud Analytics enhances nearly everything you do with AI — from analytics creation and data prep to data exploration — with natural language search, conversational analytics, and NLG.

Self-Service AI

Build and deploy AI for advanced use cases

Among companies that have adopted AI/ML,74%have reported a positive impact.

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Forrester's 2022 Trends Report, Enterprise Must Invest in AI Platforms to Empower Mulitrole AI Teams

Automate machine learning for your analytics teams. Generate predictions with full explainability and seamlessly integrate models in real-time for comprehensive what-if analysis, unlocking new possibilities in your analytics journey.

Not-for-profit healthcare system uses Qlik to predict which patients are most at-risk for missing or canceling their appointments — saving an estimated $6M for 15 clinics over two years. Qlik AutoML gets you in the game sooner and gives you the building blocks to create something bigger, faster.”
Brent Styer, Chief Data Scientist at ARH

Make ML a reality across your modern business. Uncover common roadblocks to adoption, tips for success and benefits beyond ROI.

Explore the power of machine learning and see how AutoML
can take your analytics to the

Now is the time

AI is powerful, but your enterprise data needs quality, security, and scale. When asked for your AI strategy, you’ll be ready.