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Questions you could be asking Qlik’s AI

How should we plan our capacity next year to best meet demand?
How can we optimize our processes to reduce bottlenecks?
Which opportunities are likely to close this quarter?
How do we create a higher close rate?
What should our staffing levels be next year?
What do we need to do now to meet those needs?
What do we expect our revenue to be in Q3 for each region?
What actions can we take to maximize revenue?
Which inventory outages might occur next year?
How can we ensure we have the right products on hand?
Which customers should we target going forward?
Which products should we offer them?
Which capital investments should we make in Q2?
Which characteristics on an asset drive the highest ROI?
What do we project our expenses to be next quarter by category?
What are the key factors driving expenses?
Which high-value employees are at an increased risk of leaving?
What are the specific factors driving that decision?

Reviews from the audience

The increased data quality achieved with Qlik has improved business response times and created incredible trust in the data people are using. That trust is enabling us to confidently explore new use cases for real-time data with predictive analytics and AI, which will help us find even more value in our data.
Henri Rufin
Head of Data and Analytics
By building AI into everything they deliver, while still maintaining a cloud agnostic approach, Qlik is meeting customers where they are in their AI journey while providing the flexibility needed to expand AI where and how it makes sense.
Dan Vesset
Group Vice President, Analytics and Information Management market research & advisory practice
We’re excited about the potential to leverage Qlik Insight Advisor to enhance customer satisfaction through deeper sentiment analysis, and Qlik AutoML for predictive trends that will help us engage our customers in new ways.
Dan Williams
Business Intelligence Manager

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